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If you need a Reliable Gas Boiler Service in Portsmouth, Cosham, Waterlooville, Portchester, Gosport, Havant, Southsea or Fareham, then call us today for a quote. We offer a same day service or you can pre-book.

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Gas Boiler Service Portsmouth

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Gas boilers are the main engine of the heating system in most residential or commercial properties. Like many important and expensive systems, it needs to be maintained by a qualified gas safe registered engineer. This is done through a yearly boiler service which can be booked in advance.

Once booked and upon attendance, the gas safe engineer will carry out a full check of your boiler during the service. He will look for issues like part failures, leaky pipes, and a wide range of other potential problems. Once the service is completed, he will issue you a certificate.
But if the boiler breaks down in winter or any other time, we can also send out our contacted gas boiler engineer in Portsmouth the same day to carry out a repair.

So call us today and book in your boiler service in Portsmouth.

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Forgot to do your annual boiler service? Selling a property or need to meet a deadline and you require an emergency boiler service in Portsmouth or nearby? Give us a call, and our contracted gas safe registered engineer can get out to you either the day day (if it’s urgent) or he can book you in later on.

The gas safe engineer can also repair leaking boilers, pilot light going off, noise coming from the boiler while it’s switched on, low boiler pressure or pressure keeps dropping, cold radiators and many other issues that boilers encounter.

No need to search for ‘gas boiler service near me’ in Portsmouth, Fareham, Waterlooville or nearby, when you can get a local gas boiler service from our engineer at an affordable rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A round up of FAQ's

How much does a boiler service cost on average?

Depending on where you are, and whether it’s an emergency or just a normal booking, prices begin from £95

Are boiler services worth it?

Yes, because you need to maintain your boiler since it provides you with hot water and heating

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